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Awareness Through Movement – Feldenkrais

Awareness through Movement®

In Awareness through Movement® (ATM) lessons the Feldenkrais practitioner verbally directs people through movement sequences, with an emphasis on learning which movements work better and sensing the quality of changes within our bodies.

Through increased awareness we can recognise habitual patterns of movement and develop new alternatives.

Newtown Tuesday Lunchtime Classes Summer 2020

10 Tuesday Lunchtime Sessions, 4th February - 7th April 12.15pm - 1. 15pm

Newtown Thursday Evening Classes Summer 2020

10 Thursday Evening Sessions, 6th February - 9th April 6:15pm - 7.15pm

UNSW (Kensington) Friday Morning Classes Summer 2020

10 Friday Morning Sessions, 31st January - 3rd April 7:45am - 8:30am

Functional Integration®

In this one to one learning process, movement is communicated through slow, gentle touch. The practitioner guides us through a series of precise non invasive movements, tailored to the individual, that alter habitual patterns and provide new learning directly to our neuro muscular systems.

Contact Margaret to book for classes or a one-on-one Functional Integration lesson.