Public & Corporate Workshops


Running Easy

We were born to run! It is one of the simplest, yet most complex movements a human being can make. As children, we can discover on our own the joy with which we can move at greater speed.

Corporate Wellness

All workshops are available for corporate, organisational, education and community settings. A unique program for your context will be designed to promote well being among organisations and their employees and learners.

Leadership & The Body

In developing effective leadership, we can ask the question of how we embody this. Being a leader is about our relationships to others, and to do that best, we need to understand that our primary relationship is with ourselves.

Smart Sitting

Our bodies were not designed to sit in one position for so long - they were designed to move!! Prolonged sitting increases the risk of developing occupational injuries. The latest research also shows that sitting for long periods is potentially dangerous for health.