Running Easy


We were born to run! It is one of the simplest, yet most complex movements a human being can make. As children, we can discover on our own the joy with which we can move at greater speed.

This program is suitable for anyone who runs for pleasure, for fitness, for competitive purposes or who simply want to learn to run.

But most of all this program is about making running enjoyable.
The program is between 5 and 6 sessions.

You will learn how to:

• improve your ease and comfort
• eliminate pain and reduce injury
• strengthen yourself
• increase self-awareness about HOW you run
• improve your speed and endurance

It includes group movement lessons, input for individuals, and written materials.

You can also get a discount on the Running Easy recordings.
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“What I’m after isn’t flexible bodies, but flexible brains. What I’m after is to restore each person to their human dignity. ”
– Moshe Feldenkrais